Oklahoma Rancher Saves Calf After It Fell Through Frozen Pond

Tuesday, February 23rd 2021, 5:36 pm

GOWEN, Okla. -

A Green Country man saved his one-year-old calf after it fell through a frozen pond during last week's winter storms.

Winter weather puts ranchers and their livestock in difficult positions. Jobs that normally take four hours can turn into 10 or 12. Tasks as simple as getting water to the animals becomes reliant on how much ice you can chop.

East of McAlester in a town called Gowen, a man named Joseph Morgan had a calf fall through the ice on his pond. The animal was still alive, but Morgan and his dad had to figure out how to get the calf out.

Morgan used an old fishing boat, a trailer hitch off a truck, a rope and an axe to pull himself across the ice in the boat. He eventually got to the calf, roped him and his dad pulled the calf across the ice to safety.  

"I just dropped to my knees and I prayed to the Lord to please help me get this calf out of this pond and save it and keep me safe. I looked back and opened my eyes, and the calf was still sitting there swimming," said Morgan. 

A couple of hours later, the calf was running around in the barn, as healthy as can be. Morgan told News On 6 that he usually doesn't name his calves but this one is an exception. He named the calf Frigid. 

They did lose two calves but said three more were born during all the chaos last week who are healthy and doing great.