Software Company Helps Launch Recycling Program In Bristow

Saturday, February 27th 2021, 9:07 am

BRISTOW, Okla. -

A California company is helping Bristow launch its own recycling network. City leaders said glass, plastic and a little manpower can make a big impact. 

Bristow City Councilor Kris Wyatt described the new network as “recycling reimagined,” a system that aims to benefit corporations and consumers while also giving back to the community. 

"This is a whole new way of looking at recycling,” Wyatt said. 

Wyatt told News On 6 many cities pay for recycling but Replenysh is helping her with a work around.  

"We have seemed to complicate things in this country and so what we're trying to do is make it super simple for folks,” Replenysh CEO Mark Armen said. 

Armen said several brands across the country need reused materials for their products, but those materials are lacking because most end up in landfills. However, the City of Bristow's new recycling network bypasses that step. 

"We have the tools for any community in this country and eventually the world to use,” Replenysh head of product Clark Dinnison said.

Replenysh set up shop inside Bristow's Walmart parking lot near the Turner Turnpike and State Highway 16 where materials were dropped off. Those materials are then sorted into super sacks, weighed, loaded onto a trailer and brought to the recycling center in Tulsa. 

"You've got businesses that demand the recyclable products to recycle into their products. We meet the supply," Wyatt said. 

Wyatt said there is a ripple effect because some of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to local charities in town.  Anyone can join the network and learn more about their contribution by providing their phone number. 

"There's this immediate feedback as well that can then sort of feed itself into that good feeling of doing a good thing,” Wyatt said.  

Wyatt said it is time to take care of the place she calls home. 

"Nature has no waste,” Wyatt said. “Everything that nature creates is then repurposed and used to sustain nature, and so, it's us. It's us that's bogging down the planet.”   

Depending on Saturday’s turnout, Replenysh hopes to do this on a weekly or monthly basis.

For more information on Replenysh, click here

A link to how Replenysh is helping the City of Bristow can be found here.