Mother Road Market Pop-Up Shop Puts Women Entrepreneurs, Artists In Spotlight

Thursday, March 4th 2021, 5:44 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

A pop-up-shop at Mother Road Market Shops in Tulsa is spotlighting local women entrepreneurs and artists. The shop won't be there forever, but you will be able to stop by and see the space throughout the month.

"I walked in and I said to Shakori and I said, "Harmony, this is harmony," said local artist Janet Skates. 

Welcome to LTO | MKT- a pop-up shop in Shops at Mother Road Market in Tulsa.

"It has been such a fun process to be able to find some incredible women entrepreneurs and artists and invite them into this space," said Shakori Fletcher with the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation. 

"The flow is just, it is beautiful! You just walk in and you are led like on water all the way around," said Skates. 

Each month this space will be transformed. It could highlight a local businesses or brand. This month is all about women.

"Maybe it is your normal routine to go to a big box retailer, but we are providing an opportunity for you to get that same product of incredible value but while you are at it support an incredible woman owned business," said Fletcher. 

Fletcher helped curate the space.

"I want young women to come in and see themselves in these owners, to know that it is more than possible for them to be in that same position," said Fletcher. 

She said she wants people to see the power, strength, and creativity of women right here in the community the moment they walk into the shop. You can pick up a little bit of everything here -jewelry and clothes, even the art on the walls. Three of these pieces were created by local artist Skates.

"I love painting. That is how I express my hope and the fact that people connect to that," said Skates. 

"When you have these small businesses within the community, they do rely on support and once you are exposed to the business, once you know who is in your own back yard, then it becomes the community's job to support them," said Fletcher.