Tulsa’s First Friday Art Crawl Showcases Local Talent While Staying COVID-Friendly

Friday, March 5th 2021, 5:34 pm
By: Matt Rahn

TULSA, Okla. -

It’s the first Friday of the month, and for the Tulsa art district, that means some galleries will be open late to showcase the work of local artists. Even during the pandemic, there will still be a lot to see at the art crawl.

First Fridays in the Tulsa Art District have looked a little different because of the pandemic, but galleries are still showing off local art while keeping people safe.

Before the pandemic, first Friday art crawlers could be seen jam-packed into galleries throughout the arts district, but things have changed to keep people safe because of COVID. 

“We're doing it as safely as possible. It's still much, much smaller, there definitely aren't thousands of people downtown, but there are probably about 100-200 people that come through the gallery on a First Friday now," said Sina McLin with Living Arts of Tulsa.

McLin said they've been inviting people in on First Fridays since last summer with social distancing, masks, and other protocols.

"Definitely at the beginning, there were maybe 50 people would come to First Friday, but now we're slowly getting a little bit more traction," said McLin.

This Friday won't be an official art crawl, but some galleries will be open like AHHA and the Living Arts. Artist Petra Zimmerman or Petrabaye has already sold some pieces at Living Arts.

"Yes! And my friends have too so we're super-duper excited," Petrabaye said.

She said she uses art as a form of therapy.

"I just do them to express myself, share who I am, and help encourage and inspire others to do daily art therapy and stuff,” Petrabaye said.

The best thing to do before coming out Friday is to check with each gallery about their guidelines and hours because some require tickets in advance.