Family ‘Reliving A Nightmare’ As They Fear 4-Year-Old’s Convicted Killer Could Be Released

Friday, April 2nd 2021, 9:24 pm

The family of a four-year-old boy killed by his stepdad is concerned as the Claremore man who killed him is trying to get out of prison.

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Floyd Moore and Mary Bacon said when four-year-old Christopher's killer went to prison, they thought he would be locked up forever. After the Supreme Court’s ruling on tribal jurisdiction, there’s a possibility the case would be dismissed.

Now, they said reliving this has been a nightmare, and they're afraid of what will happen next.

In the yard where little Christopher Barnard would play with his dad and grandma, a tree and angel now sit in this garden planted in his honor.

“He loved playing in the yard," Christopher’s grandmother Bacon said. 

In 2008, Christopher died after his stepfather, Steven Lockler, punched him to death after the four-year-old soiled his pants. Lockler was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Lockler is now trying to get the case dismissed because he is Choctaw and the Supreme Court ruled that only federal and tribal courts can prosecute these kinds of cases that happened on tribal land. 

“To go through it again is unthoughtful," Bacon said.

Christopher’s father, Floyd Moore, said he knew Lockler growing up and saw the signs that he might be abusive. Moore never thought this would happen.

Moore said he misses his son every single day.

"I wish, for a child that's been dead for 13 years, to never see a driver's license, go to work, experience marriage - that justice is served on his behalf," Moore said.

Bacon has a little corner of her home dedicated to her grandson and hopes that Lockler is never let out of prison.

"He should not be able to get out and see his son when he took ours," said Bacon.

Lockler has a court hearing set for next Friday regarding the tribal jurisdiction. News On 6 talked to federal prosecutors who said they’re aware of Lockler’s case, but charges haven’t been filed yet.