Focus On Family Motivates Tulsa Native To Get Back In The Ring

Friday, April 9th 2021, 10:44 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The son of heavyweight champ Tommy Morrison, the journey in the ring for professional boxer Trey Lippe Morrison has had several ups and downs.  

Trey has known one thing in life: boxing. Despite growing up around the sport, and being in 16 professional fights of his own, he still gets butterflies when he fights his opponent.

“It’s the fear and unknown for the fact that you can go train your butt off for three months and do nothing wrong and still lose. It’s a great big bite and it’s a great big taste and I like it all,” said Trey. 

His record is perfect, but he hasn't fought in nearly two years after batting depression and undergoing four surgeries in his hands and one in his foot. After spending time training in Houston, Trey is working out in Tulsa and it has revitalized his career.

"It’s becoming fun for me. I'm just ready to take that into this new competition that I'm having because we are boasting up in competition from where I left off and I’m just ready to pick the ball up and have fun with it," said Trey. 

Trey makes the 162-mile trip five days a week from Jay, OK to Tulsa to train. While in Jay, he takes care of his grandmother who is fighting Parkinson’s. For him, getting to balance both is why he boxes.

"How bad, really how bad do you want it, I want to be an athlete, I want to be noticed as someone great. and being able to spend time with her has been a blessing," said Trey.

At the age of 31, Trey understands that his days in the ring are numbered and he wants to live up to his father.

"I would like to be considered just as good. My goal in life is to win two belts like he did, and it would just be an honor to be considered just as good,” said Trey. “I know I'm not now, but I'm on my way for sure and I will hopefully [be] considered one of those days.”