‘A Piece Of Her Is Missing’: Owasso Woman’s Truck Stolen With Sister’s Ashes Inside

Friday, July 9th 2021, 9:43 pm
By: Grant Stephens

OWASSO, Oklahoma -

An Owasso woman said she feels like thieves stole a part of her family when they took off with her truck. It contained the ashes of her sister who recently passed away.

Shanta Barbee owns the truck, but her sister actually drove it. Barbee's sister passed away last month and the truck - but most importantly what's inside - is extremely sentimental.

"Right now, I feel like a piece of her is missing," Barbee said.

Barbee is still grappling with the loss of her sister, Melissa Isaacs.

"You're never supposed to bury your sibling, especially at this age," Barbee said.

Isaacs passed away a month ago after a battle with stage four breast cancer.

Friday morning thieves drove off with the truck and a part of Isaacs.

"Inside that vehicle there is a necklace, and that necklace has her ashes in it. And you'll know that it's there, it's on the rear-view mirror, it has her name, her date of birth, and the date that she passed," Barbee said. "So, part of her is somewhere, we don't know where because somebody took the vehicle."

The truck is a white, older model Chevy. The longhorn stickers and flags pictured in photos have been removed but it has a few notable features like peeling paint on the hood and a white sticker on the rear window.

Barbee's doing everything she can to find the truck and the missing piece of her sister, but the truck disappeared without a trace. There was no broken glass in the parking lot, no security footage, and no clear leads for police.

Barbee's holding onto hope that someone will at least return the necklace.

"It means everything in the world to me," she said. "Just please bring it back, please. I don't care how you get it back to me. I promise I won't ask any questions."

If you know anything about the truck or the necklace, you can contact Shanta through a link here.