10 Tulsa Breweries Band Together To Push For Mask Mandate

Tuesday, August 24th 2021, 9:49 pm
By: Grant Stephens

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Ten of Tulsa's breweries are joining together to push the city toward a mask mandate. They said the mandate would be the best choice for their business and their customers.

Over the last few weeks, these breweries have all been keeping a close eye on the rising number of COVID-19 cases. They hope this proposal will help avoid a repeat of last year.

Co-owner of Heirloom Rustic Ales, Jake Miller, and Marshall Brewing Company Taproom manager, Kyle Johnson, spearheaded the effort to unite the breweries.

"And just figure out not just how we can survive through this, but how can we help each other through this," Johnson said.

Cabin Boys Brewing co-owner, Lisa McIlroy, said last week's meeting of the major breweries in town is the first time they've all come together to solve a collective issue - mask mandates.

"We're all trying to work together," McIlroy said.

"We aren't coming at it from a political bin at all. It's much more talking about public health and revenue," Miller said.

In that meeting, they came up with a letter to Mayor Bynum and the Tulsa City Council, urging a city-wide mask mandate.

"Let them know that we not only support them, but we would stand behind it and enforce it," Johnson said.

The group hopes to avoid the 'every brewery for themselves' mentality they had last year, so they came up with universal signs and language for all of them to use.

They also hope if everyone has to require masks, it'll prevent customers from choosing a competitor that doesn't require masks.

Dead Armadillo Brewing, Heirloom Rustic Ales, Neff Brewery, Eerie Abbey Ales, Renaissance Brewing, Marshall Brewing, American Solera, Nothing’s Left, Pippin’s Taproom, and Cabin Boys Brewing sent this letter to the Tulsa City Council.

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