Social Media Scam Targets Tulsa State Fair

Wednesday, September 1st 2021, 9:35 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Someone is posing as the Tulsa State Fair on social media and asking people for money. 

Fair organizers say this is something they would never do, and this is the first time a social media scam has targeted the fair.  

Someone online is posing as the Tulsa State Fair Facebook page and messaging people they have won a prize. In that message, they are asking people to submit their financial information, like your credit card or bank account number. 

Amanda Blair with the Tulsa State Fair said they do have prizes to give out before the start of the fair, but they will not be cash prizes and they will never ask for your financial information. 

"It's very unfortunate that there are people out there that want to make something negative of this capacity, so we want to make sure the Tulsa State Fair does everything to provide good information and communication," Blair said. 

The Tulsa State Fair starts on September 30 and runs until October 10. 

Below is an example of how the scam is using the Tulsa State Fair's name to target potential victims.

State Fair Scam