New OSDH Dashboard Shows Strain Of COVID-19 On Hospitals

Friday, September 3rd 2021, 6:11 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

A new online dashboard from the state department of health is giving Oklahomans a better idea of COVID-19's strain on hospitals.

"This COVID-19 hospitalization data is a fixed snapshot of the situation and in reality, capacity numbers change on an hourly basis," said Dr. Lance Frye, Commissioner of Health for the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Starting this week, the department is releasing hospital capacity numbers across Oklahoma. One chart shows ICU capacity, the other shows adult inpatient beds.

Dr. Lance Frye said it's important to note these numbers change often, but it'll give Oklahomans a general overview, especially as the delta variant continues to spread.

"We know this context around hospitalizations is important information to share," said Frye.

The numbers do not show specific hospitals, but rather regions as defined by the state's hospital surge plan, with the Tulsa region reporting 326 inpatient beds and seven ICU beds available Friday.

This comes as hospitals across the state have expressed concerns about capacity.

In Stillwater, the mayor declared a state of emergency because the hospital is full and under-staffed. On Friday, crews set up overflow tents outside.

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Frye said in most places, the beds are there, but shortages in medical care workers is the biggest concern.

"We talk weekly with the chief medical officers,” said Frye. “They all tell us they have beds available; they just don't have a lot of staffing."

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