UCO Student Stars In Lifetime TV Movie

Thursday, October 7th 2021, 7:05 pm
By: Mike Glover

Jacey Nichole is an honor student and theater major at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. She’s also the star of the new Lifetime movie titled “My Daughter’s Double Life.” 

Nichols said she caught the acting bug early in life. 

“I think I was six or seven and I did a play at my church,” she said.

And from there she was hooked. 

“Anytime I had the opportunity to pretend or anything I took advantage of it and it’s kind of why I love Halloween,” Nichole said.

Now a senior at UCO Jacey is far beyond dressing up for Halloween. She’s starring in a Lifetime movie, a role she got through Facebook. 

“I saw this casting call that was shared in the group, it wasn’t originally posted there, but the original poster was Warren McCollough, and he was the casting director for the film,” said Nichole. 

A selfie video and Zoom call later she got the call she was waiting for. 

“At first I didn’t accept the call, cause’ I don’t accept calls from random numbers,” she said. 

But after checking her voicemail, she quickly called him back and was offered the starring role. 

“I didn’t really believe it, because it just didn’t feel real,” said Nichole. 

The movie premiered on Lifetime this month and Jacey is still trying to come to grips with it all. 

“When I pull up my mom’s Hulu or my own Hulu and recent searches, it’s like, ‘My Daughter’s Double Life,’ and I’m like oh that’s mine. That’s my movie. I’m in that,” said Nichole. 

And now her love for the theatre stage has been replaced by the silver screen. 

“I would love to do both, but yeah, if I have to give you an answer…I want to do film for the rest of my life,” said Nichole. 

Her initial plans were to move after graduation, but with the film industry taking off in Oklahoma, she will probably stick around and see what opportunities come available here.