Puppies Thrown Over Bridge Highlight Need For Rural Animal Shelters Across Oklahoma

Saturday, October 9th 2021, 11:12 pm


In a horse feed bag were six newborn puppies thrown over a bridge in Maysville. Two didn't make it. Purcell Animal Shelter supervisor Louise Zastrow describes this as another heartbreaking story with a new face.

“I don't sleep anymore because all I do is this. 24/7, I take puppies home. I usually have two or three litters at my house at all times. I will try. Just don't throw them away like garbage because I don't think my heart can take it anymore,” Zastrow said.

Because these pups were found outside of Purcell's jurisdiction, Zastrow said she reached out to animal rescue groups for help.

“The problem is we need county shelters. Throughout Oklahoma, we need county shelters. The city shelters and the rescues are so overwhelmed by the amount of dogs and cats that people have no place to go with them,” Zastrow said.

When pups don't have a place to go, Amber Hunsucker is with one rescue always willing to help.

“I have compassionate fatigue; I’m not burnt out. I see so much trauma on a daily basis,” Hunsucker said.

Hunsucker picked up the four pups. She has a rescue mom nursing the pups. She believes without laws being enforced this could happen again.

“I think that once people start getting fined and criminal charges get brought against them maybe they'll think twice about hurting an animal,” Hunsucker said.

Hunsucker said she is reaching out to several officials for better laws and a spay and neuter law but she's doesn't see any progress.

“Law enforcement and lawmakers, it would be great if they kind of reunited to help these animals and to help these animals and to help us,” Hunsucker said.

Hunsuker is offering a $500 reward to anyone that knows what happens. You're also advised to call Purcell Animal Shelter at (405)527-0222.