Portions Of Will Rogers World Airport Damaged In Thursday Storms

Friday, October 15th 2021, 6:30 pm
By: Brittany Toolis


Staff at Will Rogers World Airport were on high alert Thursday night as high winds barreled toward it. 

Storms left the actual airport virtually untouched, but officials said a private company that leases the property has some buildings in shambles.

AAR has several hangars and buildings on Will Rogers. Now, one of those has roof damage and has a giant hole on its side.

"As soon as I heard the heavy rain and hail, that's when I got up and anticipated phone calls," said Stacey Hamm, Will Rogers World Airport spokeswoman.

That call came in around 1:30 a.m. The Will Rogers World Airport's fire chief was on the other line and Hamm know the storm had hit the airport.

"Letting me know that there was some wind damage out at AAR facilities," said Hamm. "Hangar 3B out here was damaged, with possible other damage to buildings."

Hangar 3B now has a cavernous hole in its side that dwarfs the person assessing it. Part of the building's roof was ripped off and thrown across the street.

"The wind from what was all taking place that night was so strong, individuals here at Will Rogers are actually assessing the damage today with AAR representatives," Hamm said.

As of now, AAR reports one small plane was damaged, Hamm said. It almost disappears in the twisted web of what used to be a metal tent that sheltered the aircraft. 

"Some of their smaller hangars also house the charter planes so Delta Airlines, United and American also have some charters. Our Thunder basketball team will charter planes when they have their away games," said Hamm.

Since the airport itself made it out unscathed, there aren't any disruptions with Will Rogers operations.

"Mother Nature is so finnicky, you just never know what direction she's going to go," Hamm said.

News 9 reached out to AAR for a comment but didn't hear back. Hamm said it will be several weeks before they'll know the cost all the damages.