Developers Give First Look At Potential Future Of Evans-Fintube Site

Tuesday, October 19th 2021, 10:00 pm
By: Grant Stephens

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Tuesday night, developers gave a first look at what the Evans-Fintube site could become in just a few years.

The old industrial site is next to the new USA BMX headquarters, just outside the downtown Tulsa highway loop.

Tuesday night's public meeting at the 36th Street North Event Center brought in three proposals from three separate development teams.

Each is a little different, but the main theme through them focuses on revitalizing the Greenwood community and boosting Black-owned businesses.

The first proposal focused on building up business and housing, with the split between the two roughly 50-40.

The second proposal focused heavily on entertainment and economic growth by building several athletic fields and a stadium complex that would bring in youth sports programs. It also emphasized bridges that would connect the Fintube site to Black Wall Street.

The third proposal was the only one that aims to keep the Fintube industrial building intact. That plan would involve renovating the historic structure into an open space for business and entertainment.

Kian Kamas with the Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity said public input has been the most important thing during development at each stage.

"I think each of the development teams, as they've approached this project, they've recognized and understood the importance of having Tulsans engaged," Kamas said.

Tuesday's meeting was the second of three. The next is coming up in early December after the three development teams have refined and finalized their designs.