Oklahoma City Sees Rise In 6-Figure Jobs Over 5 Year Period

Thursday, October 28th 2021, 6:31 am
By: Jordan Dafnis


A recent study shows that over the last five years, Oklahoma City has seen the 18th largest increase in six-figure jobs in the country. 

Oklahoma is known for its strong oil and gas industry, but the increase in jobs hasn’t all been in the energy sector. 

"Economic development is a team sport at its core. It takes all of the leadership of the community and really the state to make sure we are on the same route to make these developments happen," said Jeff Seymour with the Greater OKC Chamber of Commerce. 

Seymour says the growth of the aerospace industry has had a huge benefit in those numbers. 

"In Oklahoma City it is about 40,000 jobs 7.3 billion dollars in output and growing very rapidly." 

 A team in the city works with aerospace companies, Tinker AFB and the FAA to keep the industry growing in the metro. That includes keeping companies that start here in the city. 

"We try to deploy the right tools, the right conversations and the right back-end support to make these sectors grow," said Seymour. 

The chamber is also reaching out to help universities and working with the MAPS program to make sure the amenities in the metro are top notch for when businesses are looking for a home. 

"I think the secret sauce in Oklahoma and specifically Oklahoma City is you have this shared vision for leadership with the public and the private sector." 

Seymour said now the chamber is working to grow new industries like bioscience. The team is working to draw in new pharmaceutical companies to continue the growth in the city.