Gathering Place Hosts Culture Events For Native American Heritage Month

Sunday, November 7th 2021, 6:40 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Tulsans now have better insight on Native American history, culture and traditions.

It's all part of Gathering Place honoring Native American Heritage Month with an event focused on Native culture.

“These are crafts that have been passed down for generations, and to learn that history and really firsthand experience that culture is something really special," said Sarah Van Zandt with the Gathering Place.

Gathering Place said the three-day series was about allowing people to learn firsthand about Native customs and traditions.

One of those traditions is art and today people visited the Native Art Market.

"It's fun, it's exciting you'll enjoy every moment, and you'll see fantastic people doing fantastic art," said Jessica Laine.

Meet Jessica Laine, she's the owner of Jessica Laine Arts.

"I am from the Ponca, Otoe-Missouria and Iowa Nations," said Laine.

She's an acrylic artist and she said art is something that's been passed down in her family.

She uses art to shine a light on Native American issues.

"They don't have a lot of female artists that do acrylics, so I'm trying to bring that to light, that there is female Native artists around," said Laine.

She said she also addresses the crisis of missing or murdered Indigenous women.

"I'm so focused on Native women, native art with females because of what is happening with our young Native women and I want people to know, you know, they are here we need to protect them," said Laine.

Laine encourages people to use Native American Heritage Month to not only discuss these issues but to also learn more about Native culture.

"We want anyone and everyone to learn about our culture. If you have questions, just ask," said Laine.