Tulsa Animal Rescue Saves Dog After It Was Shot Multiple Times

Sunday, November 7th 2021, 10:30 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Tulsa animal rescue is doing everything it can to help a Dalmatian that was shot multiple times before being rescued in September. 

When Mercy Sakes 2nd Chance Dog Rescue first met Victor, his skin was like cement and that's how he got the name, Victor. He's named after one of the gargoyles in the movie "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

"We focus more on the dogs that are overlooked. The ones that truly need that second chance," said Reynolds. "[T]hey start off so broken and so scared but then they start to open up again and just the idea that something can be so broken and then find love and happiness and I don't know, belly rubs, it's just uplifting."

Cats may have nine lives but Victor’s proving to his new parents that he does too. 

"His leg was pulled up like this and he had no fur, and it became my mission from that moment to try and rescue him," said Sasha Smith.

Marcia Reynolds and Sasha Smith co-own Mercy Sakes and said this 8-year-old Dalmatian mix has been on their radar for a while now. They’d been seeing several posts and pictures from concerned Tulsans. 

"I ended up calling the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals and getting the police involved and just to get access to the property," said Smith.

Smith said Victor had been severely abused and abandoned.

"It goes beyond just neglect and just I didn't know what to do with this dog, so I just let it run. I mean they're vicious acts. Malicious acts towards these animals," said Marcia Reynolds.

He's covered in skin lesions and gruesome wounds. He even had a stick embedded in his mouth that had to be removed.

"We're constantly learning new things about Victor every time we go to the vet," said Reynolds. "He is now three-legged, and he is thriving on his three legs."

Victor had heartworms, multiple surgeries and is recovering after having one of his legs was amputated because he'd been shot, and the bullet shattered his elbow.

"Of course, it was his cute foot and the cute foot had four spots on it," said Smith. 

Smith said Victor was also shot several times with a BB gun.

"These are BBs right here. Those lumps," said Smith. 

29 pellets can't be removed. 

Mercy Sakes has been putting coconut oil in Victor's food and putting Vitamin E oil all over his body.

"He's everything that we stand for. I mean we always go for the underdog," said Smith.

Smith and Reynolds believe Victor is one of a kind. They said he's so loving. His favorite snack is goldfish.

"This dog went from snapping, snarling, trying to bite us to rolling over on his back and smiling and begging for food," said Smith. 

Victor went from having no home to having two moms and a large Facebook following. Reynolds and Smith adopted him and have been documenting his journey. 

"Victor's gratitude and want to live after everything he's been through, it's inspiring when it comes to Victor. You can't help but see his smile and know his story and feel like maybe you know, there's hope," said Reynolds.

But they said his situation isn't unique.

"It literally takes a village to save all of these dogs. There's so many of them. And so, I hope that people don't just drive by when they see a dog like Victor," said Smith. 

Mercy Sakes has seen an increase in animal abuse cases since the pandemic and said local shelters and rescues are busting at the seams. The rescue has been open for two years and just recently reached its 1000th rescue. They said pet owners should be proactive and get their dogs spayed and neutered.

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