Broken Arrow Man Accused Of Practicing Dentistry Without License Or Training

Monday, November 8th 2021, 10:49 pm
By: News On 6, Amy Avery

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -

A Broken Arrow Man is charged with 20 counts, accused of claiming to be a dentist when he only went to dental school for three days. 

The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry says Mansoor Bhatti treated 55 patients in the past year.

The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry investigated this case for five months and say it all started when a patient's insurance company said they'd never heard of a dentist by that name. 

Telecare LLC's website shows Mansoor Bhatti in a white coat and says he's a dentist and an oral surgeon.

"When you see that on a coat that says oral maxillofacial surgeon, DDS, Ph.D., I think we are brought up our whole lives not to question that kind of stuff,” said Deputy Director for the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry Jeff Puckett. 

Puckett says they first started investigating Bhatti when one of his patients at his office in Broken Arrow had a billing issue.

"She reached out to her insurance company who told her that Mr. Bhatti had never been credentialed with them,” said Puckett. “They never received any claims from him." 

This made the patient suspicious, so they contacted the Board of Dentistry. 

"We did some research, he wasn't licensed anywhere in the state as far as a doctor, a physician’s assistant or any medical personnel,” said Puckett. 

Telecare LLC's website says Bhatti went to dental school at the University of Tennessee, but investigators discovered he never finished his degree.

"We found out he was enrolled in hygiene school but he only attended for three days,” said Puckett. 

Puckett says they sent an undercover officer into Bhatti's practice as a patient.

They say that undercover was diagnosed with TMJ and treated.      

Court documents show Bhatti told investigators he was "licensed as a physician's assistant" and was in the "process of licensure through the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry."       

Investigators say Bhatti never gave them proof and didn't have any licenses or a degree hanging in his office.

"It is kind of scary to think there's people out there that have never went to school or done anything and they're treating patients,” said Puckett. 

Telecare LLC's Facebook page says their office opened in May of 2020 and investigators say Bhatti saw 55 people from May of 2020 through July of 2021.       

Puckett says if there any additional patients out there, they're asked to contact the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry: