Fort Gibson Business Starts Tradition Of Serving Thanksgiving Meals To Public

Thursday, November 25th 2021, 10:03 pm

FORT GIBSON, Oklahoma -

At 4 Mile Stop & Cafe on the outskirts of Fort Gibson, everyone is family.

This Thanksgiving, owners Robby and Lisa Walkingstick, staff and volunteers are celebrating together.

The Walkingsticks told News On 6 a week and a half ago, the business started planning to serve anyone who wants all the traditional Thanksgiving food and dessert.

"I want them to feel loved, not alone and to be able to go home with a full stomach, you know?" explained Robby Walkingstick.

Tulsa Veteran, Michael Morgan, was the first to get his free meal.

"This is just pleasant and excellent and enjoyable, and I liked everything about it,” said Morgan.

Organizers wanted it to be food plus fellowship.

What also makes this meal special is people from all over have been pitching in money or even cooking the food and dropping it off.

"The word was spread really fast, and we've had so many donations and so many people donated their time, their food, money, and we even had a Girl Scout troop volunteer, so it's just been a blessing," said Lisa Walkingstick.

Willie Taylor, a regular here, said this means a lot.

"I didn't have to eat by myself, somewhere to go on Thanksgiving," said Taylor.

Others took food home.

This Thanksgiving treat was the idea of an employee, Jamie Jones.

"It turned out great,” said Jones. “I'm grateful for it, my 4 Mile family, their friends, they're family to me. We all got close bonds with each other."

After serving more than 100 people, staff and volunteers said they are planning to turn this into a Thanksgiving tradition.