Tulsa Day Center Staff Bridge The Gap For Tulsa's Homeless During Holiday Season

Tuesday, December 28th 2021, 5:33 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

There's a group of people spending time away from their families and working through the holidays to serve the city's homeless population. Employees and volunteers at the Tulsa Day Center say a job doesn't feel like work when you are doing Something Good, that you love.

The holidays look a little different at the Tulsa Day Center.

"The sizes are already marked and labeled," said Tulsa Day Center Case Worker, Rashid Woods.

For some employees, Thanksgivings, Christmases, and New Year's Day are all spent providing for people in need.

"Being here for 8 hours or half a day on those holidays- doesn't seem as big of a deal because we know there are people here who don't have a home...YET!" said Tulsa Day Center Associate Director, Noe Rodriguez.

The Tulsa Day Center focuses on meeting immediate needs like serving meals, showers, clothing, toiletries, washing clothes then they work with their clients to help them get them back up on their feet again.

"I volunteer in here, anytime I can- I like working in here," said Tulsa Day Center volunteer and client, Melvonnda Mitchell, "They have given me a place to stay and that is priceless. I can't even put anything on that because I was under a bridge."

The people who get into this profession, know the need doesn't stop for a holiday.

"It is not work, it is what I do. It is very rewarding- helping people and getting people the things, they need- making them as comfortable as possible and trying to get them in a better place," said Woods.

"When you are helping people, it doesn't feel like work. You know?... You hate to see people struggling, you hate to see people that have a need you could help," said Tulsa Day Center Case Manager, Tanya Jolly.

Meeting the needs of people who are currently homeless in Tulsa, is a full-time job- full of people who deeply care about the work they do and the difference the know, they are making...day by day, holiday by holiday.