Tulsa Couple Helping Teachers Through Oklahoma Toffee Company

Thursday, January 6th 2022, 2:51 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Tulsa couple is making toffee to ultimately help teachers.

Anthony and Chelsea Archie started Oklahoma Toffee Company, where 20% of the profit helps teachers buy classroom supplies.

"The reason we started this candy company is because there was a crisis and there still is a crisis in education here in Oklahoma. And we can't do everything, but we know that we can do something,” Anthony said.

The Archie’s started Oklahoma Toffee Company in 2017.

Anthony used to teach, and Chelsea teaches middle school in Owasso. They decided they wanted to help teachers buy classroom supplies based on their own personal experience.

"And really we saw firsthand the struggle that many teachers have to supply their classrooms and the limited funds that many school districts do have,” Chelsea said.

Teachers submit requests for school supplies, with costs beyond their budget.

"A lot of teachers request passion projects. It's not just papers and pencils,” Anthony said.

He says they've sent items from robotics equipment to Spanish dictionaries.

"This is just a wonderful, wonderful opportunity for us to help teachers across the state. It means so much to us,” Chelsea said.

The toffee is also sold at shops across Oklahoma and online. People across the country get a taste since the Archie's travel to trade shows all over.

"I would encourage everyone listening, figure out what you can do to help be a solution to the issues that you see in the world because we sure did,” Anthony said.

The toffee is sweet and the mission behind it is even sweeter.

You can find Oklahoma Toffee Company's products at the Mother Road Market in Tulsa and other local shops. You can also purchase them online by clicking here: Oklahoma Toffee Company.

If you're a teacher, you can request a classroom donation on their website.