Health Officials Confirm Simultaneous Flu And COVID Infection, Labeled 'Flurona'

Monday, January 10th 2022, 9:27 am

As Covid-19 cases climb, we begin to hear of a new threat or at least a new word, Flurona.

This is when someone is infected with flu and coronavirus simultaneously.

"There have been a few cases reported in the United States and abroad," said Dr. Dale Bratzler with OU Health.

One of the first cases in the United States reported this year was in a teenage boy.

He tested positive for both with mild symptoms.

His family of five had just arrived home from a trip to Cabo.

 In 2021, the flu did not spread across the states as many were masking and physically distancing.

Now, health officials across the country are concerned as cases surge of both the flu and Covid-19.

The latest Covid-19 numbers reflect community spread in the state, with more than 6400 positive cases after the holidays.

The flu sent 38 Oklahomans to the hospital between December 26, 2021 and January 1, 2022.

"One of the big concerns is will they have worse severity of illness because they now have an infection with two respiratory viruses, but I haven't seen enough case reports to know what the implications are going to be," said Dr. Bratzler.

Dr. Bratzler said that we know both Covid-19 and the flu can easily put you in the hospital.

"Every year, we have people end up with the flu in the hospital on a ventilator with viral pneumonia, so it happens with the flu, and we know it happens with Covid-19," said Dr. Bratzler.

"This is one more reason to get your flu shot, to get your booster at the same time."