Claremore Community Supports Domestic Violence Victims

Tuesday, January 11th 2022, 5:50 pm

CLAREMORE, Oklahoma -

People in Claremore are doing Something Good for women who are leaving domestic violence situations.

According to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, leaving an abuser is the most dangerous time for a victim.

Many times, those victims end up at places like SafeNet, with nothing. Their lives are completely starting over.

For the last five years, Marti Jenkins has been collecting purses for people leaving domestic violence situations.

The community fills them with things that help these women feel like they have something of their own again.

"We ask for a new or gently used purse and we ask for a list of 10 items that can go in there," said Marti Jenkins, Purses with a Purpose. 

"My mom was a victim of domestic violence," said Cari Bohannan, Daughter of Janice Douglas.

Cari Bohannan's grief has transformed into advocacy.

"If I can share my mom's story and it help one person, I have to use the tragedy that my mom went through to be a voice for her," said Bohannan.

The violence of losing her mother is with Cari every day.

"I suffer from anxiety daily. I haven't slept a single night without medication. I have a daughter who was three when it happened," said Bohannan.

Cari has been working with SafeNet, an organization providing temporary shelter and resources for people leaving Domestic Violence situations.

"They walked away with nothing and to have a handbag, something that is personal with things that we all take for granted," said Bohannan.

Cari owns The District on Main in Claremore.

She donates purses in her store and works with Marti to make sure as many women as possible know they are seen, valued and supported.

"It is hard to imagine getting away from the situation and it takes a lot of strength but there is help out there," said Bohannan.