Oklahoma's 'Cabbage Patch Kid' Wins $1,000 For 10-Pound Cabbage

Wednesday, January 19th 2022, 9:44 am

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Most of us are familiar with the very popular Cabbage Patch Kids, but it may be the perfect nickname for one Oklahoma student.

She grew a cabbage that weighed nearly 10-pounds!

Kynlei Dill is her name, but she is truly the "Cabbage Patch Kid."

It was part of a national competition through Bonnie Plants that encouraged students to grow a head of cabbage.

Dill said she checked on her plant every day for close to three months. With a little care and dedication, her green thumb won her $1,000.

Kynlei got her certificate in the mail last month. She's in 5th grade at McCurtain Public Schools.

At the end of her 3rd-grade year in spring 2020, her school sent students home with a cabbage plant from Bonnie Plants.

Teachers pick the best cabbage based on size and appearance, then submit the student's photo in a statewide drawing.

The program was delayed due to COVID-19, and Kynlei says she almost forgot about it. That's why she was so surprised to find out she won.

Kylnei says she put the cabbage in fresh soil inside an old watering trough at her grandpa's garden.

She says she watered it when it wasn't raining, but she had no idea how much it would grow.

"I was like wow, it's huge,” Kynlei said. “Made me feel great. Accomplished."

"It was kinda cool how you could like go every day and see it was a little bit bigger,” she said. "We sometimes watered it, but God did most of it."

Typical cabbages are around the size of a head of lettuce and Kynlei's was larger than a basketball.

She says after they harvested it, her grandpa took it home to eat.