2 Arrested In Rogers County, Accused Of Mail Theft

Monday, January 24th 2022, 5:00 pm


Rogers County deputies arrested two people near Inola over the weekend, accused of stealing people's mail for weeks.

The sheriff's office says so far they've identified 23 victims from Rogers, Mayes, and Tulsa Counties, but believe there are many more. Deputies arrested Jason Sitsler and Teresa Gillum on Saturday after several people called about people in a white truck driving around, stealing mail, in the middle of the day, something that’s been going on for weeks.

The Sheriff’s Office says the thieves drove around county roads, stealing mail, only taking checks and credit cards, then tossing out the rest. They found at least one victim’s bank statement in a ditch.

"We had people, word of mouth, social media, people involved in agriculture, people out paying attention that were savvy enough to stay with the vehicle until we could get there and catch them,” said Sheriff Scott Walton.

Deputies say Sitsler had several hundred dollars worth of power tools in his truck that had been bought with stolen credit cards. Deputies have been looking for this truck for two weeks after they say Sitsler led deputies on a chase after trying to steal someone's trailer. Several people posted surveillance pictures on social media about the same truck, so everyone in the area was watching for it.

"These people are predators and parasites that prey on good hardworking people that work and earn their money and have bought items,” said Walton.

"This is an iconic case of a guy and a gal who choose not to work, who go out and create a massive amount of victims every day.

Records show Sitsler has spent time in prison since 2013 for assault with a dangerous weapon and drugs. The sheriff’s office does believe there are more victims, if you believe you are a victim call 918-342-9700.