Tulsa Public Schools Look To Double Students Enrolled In TV, Film Program

Tuesday, February 15th 2022, 4:53 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Wednesday is the last day for open enrollment for Tulsa Public Schools. That includes enrollment in the district's dozens of career tech programs. Students in the broadcasting program said they're looking forward to some of the changes happening next year.

Using cameras to shoot video is just one of the many skills students are learning in the broadcasting program at Webster High School.

"The fact that I can't watch a movie the same is interesting. It really amazed me how much has happened and how much teamwork and stuff you get to experience during it," said Katherine Green.

Green is a senior at Webster and didn't initially want to be in the career tech program, but she's glad she is because this is the first time they offered to teach about films.

"Knowing that they can walk out of here at the end of high school to go work in the film industry. Obviously, we still set it up where they can follow up and pursue their education, you know, at (the) post-secondary level," said Dennis Burns.

Burns said he would like to double the number of students enrolled in his class and get them interested in all the possibilities within several industries.

"We get to learn about a bunch of things in the film industry to see if we would like to do it in the future. It just shows us a little bit of everything behind the scenes of how everything is actually made," said Teresa Aguayo.

The students are currently working on a short film project and can't wait to see what they'll be working on next year.

"It's a lot more hands-on than I thought it was going to be and I really like it," said Abby Souell.