Special Moment Captured On Camera Between OSU President & Student

Monday, March 28th 2022, 9:33 pm

STILLWATER, Oklahoma -

An Oklahoma State senior got to take a walk in the President's shoes while she was taking her senior pictures on campus. Dr. Kayse Shrum stopped what she was doing, and offered up her own shoes for the final pictures.

The interaction is getting a ton of attention online and both the student and photographer said this has been a lesson in kindness.

Senior Jami McKibbin loved taking her senior pictures in her cap and gown, but said there was one piece missing -- orange shoes. At the perfect moment, she and her boyfriend noticed someone getting out of a car, wearing the perfect pair. 

"I lean over to him and I'm like 'oh my God, her shoes are so cute!' and he was like 'Jami, that's the president' and I was like I don't care she has great shoes, those are really cute," Jami said.

Jami said Dr. Kayse Shrum immediately went over to Jami and asked her what size she wore and let her put them on for the final few pictures. Jami said she was in shock that Dr. Shrum risked being late to her event just to help her out.

"She could have just kept walking, and she didn't and that was really cool," Jami said.

Photographer Brandi Simons shared the interaction online and the post now has thousands of shares. Brandi said she was awestruck, and immediately knew she had to get the interaction on camera.

"I just started documenting the moment, I even said out loud, 'I'm obsessed with this moment, oh my gosh,'" Brandi said.

She said as a photographer, she's really proud to be able to able to share something so positive online. It's a moment Jami can cherish forever.

"We're so lucky that we get to document these things for people, sometimes moments come and go in people's lives and they don't get pictures of them, and we're able to capture that when we're there," Brandi said.

Jami said through all of this, she has learned that even something as simple as offering your shoes can make such an impact.

"Being a good person can make such a difference in someone's life, like that's something I am going to remember forever," Jami said.

Jami said after this interaction, she's even more determined to find her own pair of orange, sparkly shoes.