Metro Officials Warn Drivers As Possible Flooding Looms Wednesday Night

Wednesday, May 4th 2022, 6:02 pm


As heavy rains are poised to arrive tonight, metro first responders are advising drivers to turn around from and don't drown. 

Wednesday is preparing to be Round Two of severe weather this week and it's not just wind, hail and tornadoes that cause issues. So, too, can water and lots of it.

"Each year, flash flooding kills more people than any other severe thunderstorm," Oklahoma City Police Department Captain Scott Douglas said. "It's something, we definitely pay attention to.”

It is not just being careful about getting your car stuck in water but also what might be underneath it.

"A lot of times, there's (sic) downed power lines. A lot of these flash floods (they) create a lot of swift moving water that can peel up the asphalt," Douglas said.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said it's important for people to check their tires before getting out on the roads. They also stressed the importance of knowing which areas flood on a regular basis and find alternative routes.

"It happens very quickly, and people underestimate just how quickly the flood waters rise in Oklahoma City," Douglas said.

If you're out on the roads and do happen to get stuck, stay put and call 911 immediately.

Firefighters said they also have life safety boats on each side of the city for people who get stuck.