Jenks High School Students Meet Tiger Woods At Southern Hills

Friday, May 6th 2022, 5:12 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

As most people got a look at Tiger Woods from the air or through a fence last week, two Jenks High School students had a very different view.

Buddy Wehrli and Cody Fifer, two seniors on the Jenks golf team, snapped a picture with the golf legend right before his surprise round at Southern Hills last Thursday.

It all started that morning when Buddy was looking at his phone. "I saw it on Twitter…I saw that his private jet was coming to town," said Wehrli.

Since he was on a dead period at school, Buddy texted his friend Cody, who's also on the golf team and a member at Southern Hills.

"We were able to get in and kind of waiting around to see if he was there,” said Fifer. “And actually he hadn't showed up so we went to go sit in my truck and as we're sitting there he drives behind us so we saw him hitting on the range."

Word hadn't gotten out yet that Tiger was there, so the two teens wandered over to the practice area. "Buddy ended up walking up first and he was like ‘Hey Mr. Woods, how are you, looks like you're swinging great,'" said Fifer.

After being polite, they asked for a quick picture, and got individual photos with the world's most famous golfer. Both said it's one of the coolest things to ever happen to them.

"A hundred percent,” said Wehrli. “And I'm sure it will be. Like wedding day this will still probably top it." Just don't tell Buddy's future wife.

The PGA Championship starts on Thursday, May 19. Both golfers said they're going to be there to watch.