Catoosa Man Uses YouTube Channel To Help Others

Thursday, May 12th 2022, 6:20 pm

CATOOSA, Oklahoma -

A Catoosa man has turned his lawn care YouTube channel into his full-time job.

He said because he's making money from that, he now finds lawns that are overgrown or abandoned and cuts them for free.

Kevin Hansen uploaded his first video to YouTube nearly 10 years ago, never expecting his two channels, Lawn Care Juggernaut and The Boring Channel, would turn out to have almost one million subscribers combined.

"I've had people come up and give me hugs, I've had people cry while I've helped them out, it's crazy the impact it will have, like to me it seems small to go and cut somebody's yard," Kevin said.

Kevin started mowing yards to make ends meet, and started his YouTube channel to give tips, or talk with other people in the business.

He said the City of Catoosa asked him if he'd be interested in doing abatement work, cutting overgrown properties, but it made him uneasy to charge for it.

"I wasn't cool with the fact that I'd go out and make videos, and somebody's house could be taken away, so I started cutting them for free," he said. That's how he started doing work free of charge.

Because of his success on YouTube, he's able to do the work for free, full-time.

He said it doesn't take long for your yard to get out of hand, and yard work can be expensive.

"Life gets to you, and it starts out small, it'll be the lawn and then the lawn's overgrown, and then it turns into a 15-hundred-dollar job, something like this would be 5 thousand dollars," he said.

Kevin said he loves the opportunity this career has given him. He said he's happy to help, especially because he's struggled in the past.

"I've been in that exact spot, with the hardships of life and things just hitting you that way, it just feels really good to help people out and know that it is helping," he said.

Kevin plans to take his work across the country, cutting lawns for people as he goes.

"You'll have a personal reward, but there's a gift of reciprocity where if you help somebody out, people are willing to help you out," he said.