‘An Emergency Situation’: Tulsa Organization Attempts To Bridge Baby Formula Shortage Gap

Sunday, May 22nd 2022, 3:31 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The baby formula shortage is impacting families across the country, including families in Oklahoma.

Emergency Infant Services said a lot of local parents are looking for help. 

“We’ve seen the panic in the parents not being able to find it or on a waiting list to be able to get ahold of it," said Jacky Escobedo with Emergency Infant Services said.

Escobedo said the storage closet is low in supplies for the specialty formula for babies with milk allergies, preemies and other health conditions. 

“This one is a popular one with our babies for spit up and even that we’re having a hard time getting a little bit more. Right now, we’re down to a sample size of the AR," said Escobedo.

Back in April, Emergency Infant Services provided enough formula for more than 20,000 bottles. As many as 75 families per day visit their office looking for help.

Escobedo doesn't expect the demand to slow down anytime soon. 

“We have a couple of orders placed, but of course, we’re just kind of waitlisted. Expecting for better answers,” Escobedo said. “But for right now, you know, we’re good. We are covered, so if a family needs that formula, they can stop by and we’ll help no questions asked.”  

She wants parents to know there is help, though. 

“The wonderful thing with our agency is we don’t have any requirements. No income guidelines,” Escobedo said. “We are here for those emergency situations and I think, right now more than ever, it is an emergency situation for all families.”

Emergency Infant Services is always looking for more donations. Escobedo said every donated container of formula helps Green Country families in need.