Tulsan Asks For Help Finding Missing 4-Foot-Long Pet Lizard

Monday, May 23rd 2022, 10:08 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

UPDATE 5/24/22: Simone Harrison has been reunited with the four-foot lizard pet lizard that escaped!


A four-foot lizard is missing, and his owners are asking Tulsans to be on the lookout.

The Tegu is named Apu and he likes quiet, dark places.

Simone Harrison said sometimes their doors don't get shut all the way. She believes Apu saw an opportunity and made a run for it.

"It's a running joke that every time one of my kids grows up and leaves the house, I'm like you go ahead, I'll get another,” said Simone Harrison. Another exotic animal, that is.

"One of my snakes is an escape artist. Like he's always into everything. Wants to explore, get down. Moomba on the other hand, she is very soft and gentle. The parrot I've had for 14 years and bought her as an egg and almost cost me a divorce and the Axolotl, he just looks like a little cartoon character. He's so fun to watch. And the skunk Oscar Wild, he's just snuggly and he's ornery. Like he is all boy,” said Harrison.

But Simone Harrison said Apu, her four-foot Tegu, is missing.

"I got him wild, caught out of the everglades in Florida, so it has taken so much time for us to get bonded," said Harrison. "I just want him to come home where he's safe and I can snuggle him up."

She's worried about him. "He's not used to being outside in city life and he's not used to the temperature fluctuations," said Harrison.

Harrison's had Apu for three years.

"He's got the like, you know, I'm a dinosaur cheesmo personality," said Harrison. "The skunk is his best friend and misses him desperately."

She's called the wildlife department and animal control with no luck.

"He'll scratch you when you pick him up. He's solid muscle so he'll try to get away, but he's not dangerous at all,” said Harrison.

Apu likes to hide under things. "He got out one other time when I was moving and my neighbor found him in his shed,” said Harrison.

Harrison said when Apu gets scared, he's super-fast, so it's best to trap him and let the professionals take it from there.