Greenwood District Hosts 'Black Wall Street Legacy Festival'

Saturday, May 28th 2022, 7:07 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

People from across the country came to the Greenwood District to commemorate the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre on Saturday.

This year’s Black Wall Street Legacy Festival consisted of town halls, street festivals, and concerts honoring the victims.

Angela Thomas made the trek from Leavenworth, Kansas, to see the history of Greenwood up close.

“We’ve heard some stories, but being here in person, we can actually see the history, and pretty much be a part of what’s going on now so we become part of the new history,” said Thomas.

Visitors said these events give children the chance to learn more about their ancestors.

“I think that this is an important part and piece of history that not only adults but children need to be part of,” said Terri Lewis, who also visited from Kansas. “They need to know where they came from so they’ll know where they are going.”

Organizers said the festival provided a chance for people to come together and reflect.

"It's not a celebration, it is a commemoration, it is a moment to come together, reflect, to pay honor and respect to those who passed before us, and to go over the blueprint that those ancestors of Greenwood left for us here," said Kristi Williams, who works for the Terence Crutcher Foundation.

They also hope to teach people what happened in Greenwood 101 years ago.

“We have to be able to be here to share the story with our grandkids, our kids, whoever, we want to get it right,” said Thomas. “So, by coming here and seeing it in person, we can get it right.”

The festival will wrap up Tuesday night with “An Evening with Nikole Hannah-Jones,” and you can register for that HERE.