Fast Food Worker Arrested, Accused Of Selling Meth In Restaurant

Tuesday, June 21st 2022, 5:24 pm


Skiatook Police arrested a fast-food worker for trying to sell meth out of a restaurant.

Police said Bryce Francis accidentally put the drugs in the wrong customer’s order. That customer reported the meth to both Carl’s Jr. management and Skiatook Police.

Guy Cornsilk was in Skiatook for the week on a construction job.

He said all he wanted to do was grab a burger after work at Carl’s Jr., but when he opened the wrapper, he found something that isn’t on the menu.

“The guy brought me my food at the table. He said, ‘Here enjoy.’ Poured my fries out and went to take a bite of my burger, and in the second wrapper I saw a baggy hanging out,” Cornsilk said.

He said he always orders the same thing at Carl’s Jr., a “large number one, no cheese”, but this time he got more than what he paid for.

“I was like, ‘I’m getting out of here’ and the guy near me was like ‘don’t order anything with no cheese because apparently it means something else,’” Cornsilk said.

Skiatook Police said Bryce Francis was working at Carl’s Jr. and selling meth out of the restaurant. They said he admitted to messing up the order.

“We said, 'Hey do you happen to know who this belongs to,'” Okerson said. “He spoke up said, ‘Hey that’s mine, I was trying to make extra money. I messed up, put it in the wrong bag.’”

Francis told police he hadn’t been paid yet for the $50 dollar bag of meth he put in the burger wrapper.

He told officers he was going to give the meth in the order and get paid later.

“He spoke to the fact it’s probably one of the dumbest things he has ever done,” Okerson said. “He was just trying to earn extra money on the side while at the restaurant.”

Police are encouraging people to check their food before eating it, no matter what restaurant.

Cornsilk said he was given a replacement meal, but won’t be eating out again anytime soon.

“I already have a heart problem so if I bit into it, it probably would’ve killed me,” Cornsilk said.

Francis faces complaints of distribution of drugs near a school along with possession of drugs with intent to distribute.

We did reach out to Carl’s Jr. to address the arrest. They said in a statement: “Carl’s Jr. has both company-owned and franchised locations and does not operate any company-owned restaurants in the state of Oklahoma. This is our first notice of this situation, and we have no information. Based on the city/state provided, we have notified the franchisee.”