Gov. Stitt Issue Executive Order Focused On Boosting Security In Oklahoma Schools

Friday, June 24th 2022, 6:41 am
By: Cal Day

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has issued an executive order focused on boosting security in Oklahoma schools. 

The governor says following the recent mass shootings, he wanted to look at how resources were being used across Oklahoma. 

After speaking with law enforcement, he says our resources were being under-utilized.  

His plan addresses how teachers, students and law enforcement officers respond to mass violence.   

Gov. Stitt says under this order, public and private schools will have access to evaluations geared toward security in schools and the behavioral health of students and staff.  

The executive order also looks at how law enforcement agencies can improve on securing Oklahoma schools.  

By the beginning of next year, all state troopers are required to complete active shooter response training.  

Trooper Eric Foster, with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, said he sees this executive order as a way for all agencies to better eliminate a threat. 

"If we're all trained the same way, it doesn't matter what uniform we wear, we can move very quickly and very efficiently and that's the purpose behind it," said Trooper Foster.  

This executive order will also give each school district a "panic button" to alert law enforcement of any school threats.