News 9 Employee Finds Passion Crocheting For Cancer Patients

Wednesday, July 6th 2022, 10:02 pm


For us here at News 9, we have always known Deb McCurdy as a special person.

McCurdy has been a beloved coworker for nine years working in our marketing department. McCurdy’s voice is often the patient voice viewers hear when they call the station. 

What we didn’t know is how special she is to people outside station walls.

“Somebody had made a comment about giving hats and blankets, so I started making baby hats and baby blankets,” McCurdy said.

Her crocheting began nearly 10 years ago after her great nephew was born prematurely. 

“When he was born, he was about one pound, and now he’s a corker,” McCurdy said. 

Making one hat soon turned into a family project with her mother. 

“My mom’s a breast cancer survivor, and she made hats and stuff for the cancer survivors up at (Oklahoma) Proton Cancer center because she’s a volunteer,” McCurdy said. 

When she leaves work most evenings, McCurdy goes home to do what she really loves. 

“So, I might make a hundred or two in a year,” said McCurdy. 

“Deb and her mom have been providing these wonderful caps for our patients here at the cancer center,” Integris wellness program coordinator Sylvia Dillard said. “You can imagine how special that feels, when the parent is presented with this newborn cap and a matching blanket in beautiful colors.” 

When McCurdy isn’t making infant caps, she’s making caps for school kids as well as blankets. 

“I make Afghans. I make lapghans for people that are in wheelchairs,” said McCurdy. 

McCurdy and her mom purchase all the materials and supplies, never seeking credit or accolades 

“It’s just a joy. I enjoy doing it,” said McCurdy.