Broken Arrow Adult Day Center Enjoys Donated 1922 Edison Phonograph

Tuesday, July 26th 2022, 5:30 pm


The LIFE Senior Services Adult Day Center in Broken Arrow is traveling back in time thanks to a donation of a 1922 Edison Phonograph.

A family donated it as a thank you, but people at the center said it's been a joy to watch the seniors enjoy it.

"And it still works, it's a beautiful piece, none of it's electric, it's all hand cranked," said Site Manager Mike Fauvell.

Mike said the piece was donated by a family as a thank you to the center for the work they do.

He said as a nonprofit they never expect anything, but something like this is really special.

"Music has proven to be something that brings back life memories, and so this fits right in because we do use music," he said.

Mike said a majority of the people who visit the day center have dementia, so being able to put on a record brings back memories from their life and helps them in so many different ways.

"They remember their parents having one, so they talk about that, they love the music," he said.

He said they play the music in the background during lunch, or any other time the seniors want. It's something they will use till it won't play anymore.

"Many things may have gone away in their memories, but once the music comes into their lives they remember, they remember the words, they remember the sounds, the stories, and that's what brings us a lot of enjoyment," he said.