EMSACare Enrollment Begins For Tulsa Area Residents

Monday, August 1st 2022, 6:24 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

EMSAcare is now holding open enrollment for all Tulsa residents.

EMSA said this program is important because it makes sure in a time of need, people are thinking about their health and not how much an EMSA ride will cost.

EMSAcare enrollment opens again Monday for anyone in the covered areas to sign up or change their enrollment status.

Adam Paluka with EMSA said the program provides free EMSA rides to the hospital for anyone in your household, as many times as needed.

It costs $5.45, which is added to your City of Tulsa utility bill each month, or $65 dollars a year.

“That means no out of pocket cost, no co-pay, no deductible, it’s a way to make sure the folks using the services can just worry about their health and not what it’s costing them,” Paluka said.

Tulsa resident Gregory Huffman said he and his fiancé are planning to sign up for EMSAcare.

“If I was mowing, or doing something outside, or get bit by something, or have an allergic reaction, I wouldn’t have to worry about the costs,” Huffman said.

He said the small monthly fee is nothing compared to the average cost of $1,300 for an EMSA ride.

“$5.45 to cover the medical costs of your father, daughter, grandmother, son, or even a friend visiting,” Huffman said.

Paluka said with everything continuously getting more expensive, they want to make sure people's health is still being taken care of without financial strain.

You have until the end of the month to sign up or make changes to your current enrollment status and that can be done at https://emsaonline.com/emsacare/city-programs/tulsa/.

You do not have to have a City of Tulsa utility account to sign up, a separate bill can be made.

The enrollment window is open through August 31.