US Senate Candidates Answer Additional Viewer Questions

Thursday, August 4th 2022, 5:22 pm


In three weeks, Oklahoma Republicans will choose between Markwayne Mullin and TW Shannon for a chance to replace retiring US Senator Jim Inhofe. News 9 held a debate between the two asking for your questions, and we couldn't get to each question; we sat back down with the men for additional viewer questions.  

The additional questions ranged from addiction in the state to legalizing marijuana and Staci Walling wanting to know more about school safety now; both men agreed they are fathers and are concerned for their children, but they have different ideas on how to secure the school. 

"We have over $1.2 trillion of COVID of federal COVID dollars that haven't been spent. We can redirect that and look at the security of schools," said U.S. Representative Markwayne Mullin

"You know, this Congress sent $40 billion to secure Ukraine's border, and I know last night, my opponent He tried to defend that vote. But the reality is that 40 billion could have sent over $300,000 to every school in America to arm and keep our children safe," said former state Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon

Ukraine was a hot topic during the debate on what was being sent over for relief. We asked both men if they wanted to add anything they felt was left from the debate, with Shannon wanting to share more. 

"I can tell you that sending 40 billion dollars to support Ukraine's border and to arm their citizens when our border remains open, and there's a national debate about disarming our citizens. I think it's a misstep by the politicians in Washington DC," said Shannon.   

"There's no point in rehashing it," said Mullin.  

Other topics that constituents wanted answered began with addiction in the state both say there is a large issue with Chinses fentanyl coming across the borders. 

Jeff Atwell wanted to know about their stance on legalizing marijuana. 

"I'm not in favor of it all at all. I don't think it's been good for our state. We were promised a, you know, huge tax bump. But then you start looking at it, and it's a cash business, and they can't even legally deposit the cash," said Mullin. 

"Chinese Nationalists who are using the marijuana industry as a means to buy a property here in Oklahoma, that is a major issue that, frankly, the politicians in Washington have failed to address," said Shannon.  

Oklahoma voters will return to the polls on August 23.