A Tulsa music icon is closing its' doors for good.  Music Sound World has been an important part of Tulsa's musical landscape for more than 30 years.  News On 6 anchor Jennifer Loren took a look at why Music Sound will soon be silent.

Randy Genet is well known to Tulsa musicians.  For the last 33 years he has been the owner of Music Sound World.

"We had Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimmy Vaughn walk in here one day in the early 1990s, in 1991, and it flabbergasted everyone in the store," said Music Sound World Owner Randy Genet.

Genet says over the past three decades there was never a dull day.  He even admits to making a semi-huge mistake one time.

"I had the distinction of ruining Eric Clapton's guitar for $11.  He did get it fixed later on. It cost him $39 to get it fixed," said Genet.

His colleague and friendly competitor Bob Long has almost 40 years of memories with Genet.  He says it's a sad day for Tulsa, losing Music Sound World.

"For 30 plus years folks have known Randy and it's just a darn shame that it's come down to him closing the doors," said Long.

Genet says 29 of those years were great but the past four have not been.  He's being forced to file bankruptcy.

"It's like a death in your family. It's a brutal decision. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done, yeah," said Genet.

He says a small part of his financial problems came with new competition.  National retailers are hard to compete with.

"They have a slight price advantage over us. But we have the service. They have the price. And sometimes people forget about the service. They just want the price," said Genet.

Now local musicians will pay the price as another icon of Tulsa's past is history.

"Just keep playing music and enjoy life. That's all. That's all there is," said Genet.

Genet says he doesn't know what's next for him.