Be prepared, not paranoid
Don't be paranoid about crime. We have to run errands, go to work and take care of children. If we let fear of crime keep us from living our lives, the criminals already win. Just feel empowered that there are things we can do to protect ourselves and practice them on a daily basis. Nothing is fool-proof, but, by watching out for ourselves and others, we increase our chances of being safer.

Schedule a class
If you'd like me to speak to your group about personal safety, call me at 732-6128 or email me at I do not charge and my talks usually take 45 minutes to an hour. I schedule these talks months in advance and must work them around my job as KOTV crime reporter and 5 pm anchor. My classes are about personal safety and do not feature self defense moves.

Self defense Class
I highly recommend the self-defense classes taught by the Claremore Police Department. They are inexpensive and incredibly informative and helpful. Contact them for their class schedule at 341-1212.

If you have a story idea, hear about a crime, see something on the internet or experience a situation and have a question, email me at and if I can't answer it, I'll direct you to someone who can.