In October of 2005 I found a lump in my right breast. Not to worry; I called the doctor. She examines me, and sends me for a mammogram and an ultrasound. Afterwards the doctor comes in and tells me I may be in the early stages of breast cancer.  Right off the bat I get scared. I go back to my doctor who sets up an appointment with the surgeon to do a biopsy. Three days later he tells me I have breast cancer. I had just had a mammogram in May, and five months later I am diagnosed with cancer. In December I had a total mastectomy done. They removed 13 lymph nodes with estrogen and one with HER-2. 

I started my chemo December 22, 2005. This is the beginning of almost two years of chemo. On June 12, 2006, I go into the hospital with an infection in my chest. They don't know why I had an infection. After I get out of the hospital I start my radiation. I finished that August 31,2006. In October, 2006, I was back in the hospital with another infection. This time for 11 days.

On December, 2006, almost to the day I have a second double mastectomy. I make it through that then I get a hole in my chest that won't heal. They have to send me to a wound care specialist. The only way for this to heal is to go into a hyperbaric Chamber. That means 60 dives in a pure oxygen chamber.  Here it is two years later, and I'm cancer free.  Thank you for letting me tell my story.