A lawsuit is filed against two Tulsa Police officers and lawyers on both sides dispute the claims.

In the lawsuit, Shannon Coyle says officers Israel Rodriquez and Travis Ludwig had affairs with his wife. He says because of that relationship, Tulsa Police illegally searched his home twice and accused him of dealing meth.

Coyle spent 56 days in the Tulsa County jail before the charges were dropped. Coyle’s attorney Thomas Mortensen: "any time you remove someone from their family from their children from their life we think it’s important that the community be made aware of why and its unlawful the community really needs to be aware of that."

The lawyer for both officers says an internal investigation found no evidence to support Coyle’s claims about Rodriguez.

Attorney Scott Wood acknowledges Ludwig did have an affair with Coyle's wife, he says the affair didn't start until several weeks after Coyle was arrested for drugs. Scott Wood: "the allegations of constitutional violations are without merit while this is not conduct exemplary by a police officer it’s not against the law."

The attorney says Officer Rodriquez never had an affair with Coyle's wife.