There's nothing like a building full of shiny, brand-new cars and trucks to get your heart racing.

The Tulsa International Auto Show has rolled into town and News on 6 reporter Steve Berg stopped by to take a look.

If you like cars, and really, what's not to like, you'll love the show. They've got stuff that almost makes this look ordinary. Some people are in a hurry and what do you expect from folks like Ron Urbaitis, who likes fast cars. “I love cars, always loved cars." They've got 800 cars and trucks to drool over. "Because Oklahoma is such a heavy truck market, sometimes we'll get a lot of truck things." Charles Taber started the Tulsa Auto Show, because he loves cars as much as anybody.

And for its size, the Tulsa show is one of the best, because Tulsa is a popular test market for many products including cars. "They want to find out if people like them, and if they y'know go "oooh" or "uuhhh, y'know." So we get more things than some bigger cities and better displays. “Class A display means they have bigger signage, better concepts or newer concepts. We are the only non-top-50 market in the nation that's on this show circuit. Tulsa's a really fortunate city to get to see some of this stuff."

Dana Penn has her eye on what else, a truck. "We buy a lot of SUV's and trucks, yes we do.”

For something really different, how about the Ford Fairline concept, with a wooden dashboard or how about an armored car? You can use it to carry the money you'll need to buy some of these beauties.

Still plenty of time to visit the show. On Saturday, the show is open 10 AM to 10 PM. And then Sunday, it's 11 AM to 6 PM.

Tickets are $7. Kids 12 and under are free.