Sand Springs Police are making progress in their investigation of who robbed and beat a man and left him tied up in his home for days.

The home is located in the 4200 block of Sunglo Parkway. The News on 6 obtained a copy of the 911 call where the man's family flagged someone down with a phone.

911: "Sand Springs 911, what's the emergency?"

Caller: "Yeah, there's a man here who says his brother is in the house and he's on the floor and they can't get in. They can see him in the house. They say somebody beat him up."

911: "Do you know his age?"

Caller: "How old is he? 71. 71 years old."

Sand Springs Police say Albert McManus was able to talk to police Wednesday and they now believe he was specifically targeted by the attackers, two men and a woman.

They won't reveal why, but say the robbers beat McManus with the same tire iron they used to break into his trailer home.

They say they've received a number of tips that are helping the case. Sand Springs Police still need more information. If you can help, call 245-8777.