SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- A Utah federal judge rewrites a sentence to clarify a ruling that suggested Tim McVeigh received help from paramilitary militias in the Oklahoma City bombing and the government had an informant in the conspiracy.

US District Judge Dale Kimball had issued a decision that those claims were facts, but he revisited the ruling after he was asked whether his decision was endorsing the conspiracy theories.

Kimball's new decision attributes the claims to Jesse Trentadue, a lawyer who is trying to prove his brother was mistaken for an associate of McVeigh's in the search for bombing conspirators.

Kimball's decision orders the FBI to redouble a search for investigative files that could reveal what agents knew about McVeigh before the 1995 bombing, which killed 168.

The FBI is supposed to turn over any new documents it finds to Trentadue by June 2nd.

Trentadue is trying to prove his brother, Kenneth, was killed by federal gents during an interrogation gone awry.

The Bureau of Prisons has said Kenneth Trentadue was found hanging by a bedsheet at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City.