Three people are in the Tulsa County jail after Tulsa Police investigate a call about stolen GMC SUV.

Tulsa Police said they received a call Monday about a large disturbance near 15th Street and 67th East Avenue. Before officers could arrive the GMC left, but a citizen gave them a tag number.

Police checked the tag and found it belonged to a GMC stolen about a month ago in Owasso. Police received a call about 6:19 AM Tuesday that the GMC was in the 15th and 67th East Avenue area again. An officer spotted the vehicle and pulled it over near 14th and Fulton.

Two women and two men were inside. One of the women was allowed to leave, the other arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle. The two men went to jail for various charges.

Tulsa Police are are also looking for into an overnight vehicle fire. Tulsa Firefighters were called to the scene of Oldsmobile mini-van on fire.

It happened near 56th Street North and Sheridan about 2 AM Tuesday. Tulsa Police say the van had been stolen from a driveway of a house near 37th and Garnett. The owner did not know it was missing until authorities called him.