A west Tulsa neighborhood is on edge, all because of some new neighbors. A handful of sex offenders all moved into a house just outside the city limits.

So far, they haven't broken any laws, but that isn't stopping neighbors from trying to force them to move.

News on 6 anchor Scott Thompson says the neighborhood straddles the Tulsa city limits. Most of the neighbors live in the city. But the home where the sex offenders are registered is just across the street, outside the city limits, in the Tulsa County's jurisdiction.

The property isn't too close to a school, but neighbors say it is too close for comfort. Mary Willey has lived in the neighborhood for 46 years. She says she's always felt safe before, but now she's worried for the many young families in the neighborhood.

Lacye is raising her friendly and talkative 2-year son Blaise just a few blocks from the house. "He's sociable to everybody. I've had people knock on the door and he'll run outside to them. It's just, it's scary. It's a real fear."