A retired Creek County couple is turning their passion for movies into a second career. This husband and wife team did it all themselves, shooting the film right in Green Country with all local actors. And now its being released on DVD all over the country.

News on 6 reporter Ashli Sims says a small home video camera launched Carl and Vivian Adams filmmaking career.

Vivian Adams: "we started going and looking at films and we said maybe we could do this, we just got the bug." And it seems like that bug bit them pretty good, because they do it all. Carl Adams: "she writes the good stories. And I basically do the filming and the editing. And we both write songs and we both direct."

After two short films, the couple decided they were ready to try a feature-length movie. Last summer, working on weekends, with a cast of 50 local actors, they came up with "Soulmates", a romantic comedy set in a dating service.

Actor Versena Coleman: “they were the best it was long days but now I appreciate watching a movie and seeing the actors and actresses I can just imagine what they go through."

Soulmates raked in several awards at a local film festival and Carl Adams thought it was good enough to pick up a national distributor. "We kinda knew we had a good movie because even when I was home in the computer room up late at night by myself editing, she'd hear me laughing."

And it didn't take long for York Entertainment to come calling and agree to release it on DVD. And even some of the actors are getting a taste of celebrity.

Actor Victoria Esher: “she goes do I know you from somewhere and she goes and I said no. But I was think oh wait a minute and I asked her do you do any acting or theatre. And she goes 'acting, you were in that movie, Soulmates and you were that mean girl!'"

Move over, Hollywood.