Tulsa middle school students will have to put their fashion sense on simmer this Fall. The Tulsa School Board unanimously approved a school uniform policy Monday night, after a survey showed parents in the district overwhelmingly supported the idea.

News on 6 anchor Tami Marler looks at what kids can expect.

Some Clinton Middle School kids won't be dressed in the latest styles this Fall. For those who relish individuality, uniforms are a tough sell. "I was like, oh my gosh no. Can't do it. I hate uniforms. I can't have anyone looking like me. It's kind of weird." Jasmine and Rosemarie don't like the idea of dressing like everyone else. "I think the uniforms are ugly. The skirts are like down to your knees. That's ugly."

"Our students will get to choose from this blue, we went with Webster blue. That's our feeder high school." Assistant Principal Teresa Pena says there's still plenty of opportunity for individuality, with pieces that mix and match.

She says having everyone in the same colors makes it easier to keep students safe. "Sometimes a kid may be wearing something that may be gang related and somebody may come by campus and be looking for just that outfit. But if they know they're a Clinton student, and dressed like a Clinton student, that will help security a whole lot."

Your kids don't like the fashions? Karen Renee's Uniform Closet designs clothing specifically to fit the times. You think you can't afford them? Resale items here are as low as $5. "We have Edison's plaid."

Karen Renee is helping Tulsa schools to design pieces that coordinate. "We've been working on these new styles, getting them as part of the wardrobe that they're all looking at right now."

Karen Renee's is even embroidering school logoes onto shirts and jackets, adding even more polish and style.

"I thought they were real cute. They were okay. Good enough." Morgan and Jordan say school uniforms will take the pressure off of kids who can't afford the latest fashions."Yeah 'cause everyone will have the same thing."

Most Tulsa middle schools have their uniforms already in displays, so students and parents can see what they'll need when classes start in the Fall.